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cimg_library Namespace Reference

Contains all classes and functions of the CImg library. More...


 Contains low-level functions and variables of the CImg Library.


struct  CImg
 Class representing an image (up to 4 dimensions wide), each pixel being of type T. More...
struct  CImgDisplay
 Allow the creation of windows, display images on them and manage user events (keyboard, mouse and windows events). More...
struct  CImgException
 Instances of CImgException are thrown when errors are encountered in a CImg function call. More...
struct  CImgList
 Represent a list of images CImg<T>. More...

Detailed Description

Contains all classes and functions of the CImg library.

This namespace is defined to avoid functions and class names collisions that could happen with the inclusion of other C++ header files. Anyway, it should not happen often and you should reasonably start most of your CImg-based programs with

#include "CImg.h"
using namespace cimg_library;

to simplify the declaration of CImg Library objects afterwards.

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